Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Why hosting matters

       As everyone already knows I have the best host family ever! There is no reason to debate with me!
      When I was thinking about going to America I thought I will have a lot of friends, cool school, and good opportunities. Well, it is this way, but it's a little bit deeper. The most important thing I understood at the half of my exchange year, I woke up one morning and I thought ; "Oh well, it's half way through.... It will not be that easy as I thought it will be!". I was thinking about people around me, when I was living and going to America I knew I would come back and see my friends and family again. With America is totally different, you don't know if you will see them again... And now I will tell you why!

      People who always helped me and stayed on my side was my host family! My host father is Jeff, he is the most incredible writer I ever read and a really really good cooker! My host mom - AnnMarie, she is an awesome artist and mother, she cares about everyone and always want you to be happy! My siblings, Wes is into sports and politics, sometimes I think how 13-year-old boy knows so so sooooo much! My sister - Ana, she is a good cooker and amazing artist, her works  are incredible with colorful and deep meaning, she is also a vegetarian and love pets. My grandma is Laura, she is so wonderful! She is just amazing, she is very good in everything! And grandpa Jim, his stories and big heart makes you feel loved and homie! And of course our dog, Livvie! She loves kisses and stilling your  food, so be careful!
       These people not just host me for one year! They opened their heart, their home, their family for a stranger! They treat me as their child and gave me everything I needed and even more! They taught me English, slang, and just everyday things. And they still are teaching me!
       I miss them a lot, I can not tell them this thing because it will not change the thing that I'm back home. But I have them in my heart. I always think about them, about what they eat, about what they watch on TV, about how their sports are going.
       These people forever have reserved seats in my heart and in my life! I can't wait to see them again!
       And now the most important thing, Why you should host an exchange student?
Well, because we are cool!!! Hahah I'm joking, but it's true :) It's not only about  seeing the other culture, it's about teaching each other, it's about friendship and love, it's about funsies. It's relationships for the whole life! It matters! Be a part of it, a part of something new, of something pleasant and fun. Yes, you might have some problems, but who doesn't?! It's worth a try!

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