Monday, 1 August 2016

From an OLD shirt to a Brand New! DIY!

         Hi everyone, I think we all have this old shirt which doesn't look very well, but we can't through it away.

This is my shirt! And as you can see it's not in a good shape ~_~
             What can we do?

1. Cut parts that are shown with red color.

2. And cut the bottom of your shirt as it is shown.

3. It should look like this!

4. This step is for making your ends to look a little bit cuter. Take one section and stretch it down, as it is shown down on the photo.

5, At the end it should look like this. 

6. The same way  stretch neck and "sleeves".

6. Get some accessories, and you are ready to go out with a brand new shirt!

If you liked this DIY, find an old shirt and make your own! Don't forget to share it in the comments! 

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