Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to go throuth hard time in our lives.

     Hi everybody,

     I've noticed that most of people are so scared to try something new, to let other people to know them, to open their hearts. And I've decided that I'm going to write a post about how to get motivated in telling people about you, in being more outgoing!

     So, let's start. I think from my childhood I never had a problem to be open mind in front of others. But time went by and I've changed from the age of 14 till 16... New school, teenage problems and you think that everyone is hating you.

 How to get through it, you will ask?

     The most important thing is that you should be all the time positive! "But it's so hard to be positive, Xenia!" I DON'T think so! For example, you have a really bad day, make a list of things which make you happy. I promise it will help you! Or eat chocolate :)

     And now you know how to be positive, and we can begin the other part of motivation. Try to make new friends. getting to know new people it's so exciting that you might be surprised after. You should talk with people that are very busy with their lives, the people who can teach you something, people which you will look up to!

     And the other thing is that, REMEMBER everything which happened to you have a reason. Think about it, How did this situation changed your attitude in some point, how did it make you stronger a little bit.

    So, that's all for today, be happy, be stronger, be more outgoing!

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