Wednesday, 27 July 2016

About me

Hi everybody,

Today I will tell you a little bit of myself.

My name is Xenia Balabuh. I live in a beautiful, green and kind of small but amazing country Republic of Moldova.

From the age of two I've been singing on the stage in front of people, and I think it did made a big difference about who I'm in life and what I like. I had graduated art school and dance school. I love playing on the stage and I love seeing people's reactions. I also know how to play guitar, ukulele and African drum, I don't think my neighbours love that, but it's ok, a little bit something new in their lives.

For now, the most productive year in my life was 2015-2016. I've been an exchange student, I lived in OHIO, I also had a host family, two awesome schools, a lot of friends and unforgettable experience. It literally was a life on one year. It wasn't easy to live somewhere without anything you know,without people you know, without family... But it was an amazing experience that I would never forget about.
So for now, you know a little bit of myself and I consider that you can trust me

                                                           Can't wait to hear from you!

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